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Forex Risk Management EA-Dont Bother Forex Robot Trading Software-Bot System Auto Trader-Algorithmic


Forex Risk Management EA-Dont Bother Forex Robot Trading Software-Bot System Auto Trader-Algorithmic










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With Dont Bother tailored risk settings, you can customize your risk level from high to low and beyond, ensuring that you trade on your own terms. Dynamic lot options allow you to adapt lot sizes based on your capital or set them to auto-adjust with your chosen risk level. Personalized deposit load aligns with your unique trading goals and style, while total lot control gives you complete size control over your trades.

We also prioritize stability with our drawdown management function, allowing you to manage and control drawdowns effectively. Stay informed with our news filter, which integrates market-moving news into your trading strategy. Choose whether to use Martingale or opt-out based on your risk appetite and explore optional hedging to add flexibility to your trading plan.

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👉Disclaimer I am not giving any financial advice in this video, it is purely for education and entertainment. Past profits do not guarantee future profits. Risk v/s Money Management is the Key👈

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