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$5K to $114K-Auto Forex Profit Making Robot-Fully Automated Forex EA Bot Trading Software System EA


$5K to $114K-Auto Forex Profit Making Robot-Fully Automated Forex EA Bot Trading Software System EA










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✍️ Contact me at greenpipsprofitmakerea@gmail.com

🤖GP-Profit maker V3 performance on our client's Account 😍

$5k to $114k in just 4 months - $$ 100K withdrawal🤩🤩🤩

🔹Deposit - $5000
🔹Profit - $114713
🔻Withdrawal - $100000
🔹Trading Period - 4 Months

Since 2018, we've been refining and enhancing Profit Maker, progressing through various versions from V1 in 2018 up to Version 3.1 by 2023. Recently, we've introduced the most cutting-edge iteration of Profit Maker EA - an entirely new and premium system. We proudly present it as Ultra Premium or Ultimate Premium Version 3.1, revolutionizing our trading automation.

👉Profit Maker V1 (2018)
👉Profit Maker V2 (2018-2021)
👉Profit Maker V3 (2021-2022)
⚡️2023-2024: The Era of Profit Maker Premium Ultimate / Premium Ultra EA 💹

✅Key Success Factors Forex Profit Maker Premium Ultimate 2023🚀:

➡️Strategy Selection:💯
We've incorporated a blend of trend-following and breakout strategies, proven to be exceptionally potent in identifying the most lucrative trades in the forex market. These strategies empower the bot to seize opportunities within market trends and capitalize on breakout movements from crucial support and resistance levels.

➡️Risk Management:💯
Our bot is equipped with stringent risk management protocols, encompassing position sizing, Stop-Loss Levels, and Take Profit targets. This guarantees that each trade maintains a predefined risk-to-reward ratio, effectively curbing the potential for substantial losses and safeguarding overall capital.

➡️Back Testing & Optimization:💯
Prior to deploying this forex robot for live trading, comprehensive groundwork was conducted. We diligently conducted extensive back-testing and applied optimization techniques to fine-tune the strategy parameters. We rigorously tested the bot on historical data to validate its performance, promptly addressing and rectifying any potential weaknesses. Significant adjustments and measures were taken to heighten profitability and minimize risks.

➡️Continuous Monitoring:💯
Despite its autonomous operation, we keep a vigilant eye on its performance, making periodic adjustments as necessary before deploying it on our live accounts and opening it to the public. We routinely review trade logs, performance metrics, and market conditions to ensure the bot's effectiveness. Remarkably, it autonomously adapts its strategies to changing market conditions.

Some Unique Features of Profit Maker Premium Ultimate EA 2023-2024: 🌟

✅Advanced Anti-Volatility Technology 📊
✅100% Fully Automated 🤖
✅Compatible with all forex pairs 🌐
✅3 Unique & Advanced Built-in Trading Strategies 🔄
➡️Bank Accumulation Trading Strategy 💰
➡️Bank Manipulation Trading Strategy 💹
➡️Bank Distribution Trading Strategy 💳
✅Advanced Money Management System 💵
✅Intelligent Protection System 🛡
✅Advanced High-Impact News Filter 🗞..and much more! 🚀💸

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