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Yuzu Early Access ver: 1786 Mario Tennis Aces VULKAN test AMD fx/8320 hd/7850 Yuzu EA descarga


Yuzu Early Access ver: 1786 Mario Tennis Aces VULKAN test AMD fx/8320 hd/7850 Yuzu EA descarga










Mario Tennis Aces es un videojuego de deportes desarrollado por Camelot Software Planning y distribuido por Nintendo, en exclusiva para la consola Nintendo Switch.​ Su fecha de lanzamiento fue el 22 de junio de 2018.​ Se trata de un videojuego de tenis protagonizado por los personajes de la saga Super Mario.​

AMD fx 8320 con OC a 4.4
Tarjeta Madre: Msi 970a G46
cpu cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo push and pull
12 GIGAS DE RAM Corsair Vengeance (3 x 4 GB) OC 1866
video: HIS hd 7850 2 gb oc 960 core 1300 mem
Disco duro WD blue 1 tera principal y
seagate 2 teras secundario
3er disco 500 gigas WD blue
Sonido: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCIe
Windows 10 pro.
grabado usando Radeon - Software, drivers:

PERDIDA entre 4-6 fps por grabar con relive y algunos bajones de fps.

Download Yuzu Early Access 1786:

Changelog 1786
- PR-6464 textures: Add a toggle for GPU Accelerated ASTC decoder
Some drivers may cause hangs/crashes if the GPU is under compute heavy loads for extended periods of time, causing games which make extensive use of ASTC textures, such as Astral Chain, to be unplayable.
This PR adds a toggle in the graphics settings to fall back to the CPU ASTC decoder.
This is a temporary work around while a more robust solution for GPU acceleration is developed.
- PR-6465 GPU: Implement a garbage collector for GPU Caches (project Reaper+)
This PR instroduces a new GC for GPU Caches, it will try keep memory at between 2.5-4Gb VRAM by removing Least Used Resources and Texture Cache leftovers. In general, the GC is pretty safe but it does seem to have some issues in games like SMO when travelling through kingdoms may cause graphics issues. My current guess is that it's due to GPU VMM Remaps not notifying TCR. This will be fixed in a further PR.

NOTE: While we test this method of memory management, this garbage collector has been added as an advanced graphics setting. Find it in Configure/Graphics/Advanced

Changelog 1785
- PR-6463 common: logging: Restructure logging backend
- update PR-6412 yuzu-cmd: Fix OpenGL rendering

Changelog 1784
- PR-6460 fsp_srv: Fix filesystem access logging
This introduces a new setting Enable FS Access Log which saves the filesystem access log to sdmc:/FsAccessLog.txt
If this setting is not enabled, this will indicate to FS to not call OutputAccessLogToSdCard.
NOTE: This setting is not enabled by default.
Fixes softlocks during loading in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 when certain DLC is enabled.
Supersedes PR-6458

 - FX EA